Record Heat Stats for Charleston & Huntington; More rain possible this week

WOWK - February 20, 2018 will go down in the record books for the warmest day in February since written records have been taken in Charleston or Huntington.  The high in both cities reached 81 degrees, topping the previous all-time February record of 80 degrees.  According to the National Weather Service, records have been kept in Charleston continuously since 1901 and in Huntington since 1897.  

This comes on the heels of flooding up and down the Ohio River after multiple rounds of rain the past two weekends. According to the Stormtracker meteorologists, we are expecting to see a third weekend of rain in the viewing area and the chance of more flooding.

"We can't tell exactly what is going to happen to the rivers around our area but just applying common sense, we need to be prepared once again for flooding since the models are showing us the chance of two to three inches of rain or maybe even more in some areas, starting Wednesday and running until Sunday," said 13 News Chief Meteorologist Spencer Adkins.

The flood warning for Huntington was dropped officially  for the Huntington river gauge location at 7:15 p.m. where the water level had fallen below the 50 foot flood stage.  

The Ohio River was still above flood stage in a few areas such as Point Pleasant, Ashland, Greenup and Portsmouth but all of those locations are seeing the water levels continue to drop as of Tuesday evening. 

With more rain in store the Stormtracker meteorologists will be watching closely for any further flooding problems.

"We expect some rain on Wednesday and that should be fairly well handled in many areas but it's the continual rounds of rain Thursday through Sunday that could cause streams and creeks to flood again first going into the weekend then watch that runoff hit the big rivers toward the end of the weekend.  We hope we don't have a repeat of this past week but we want people to keep their minds open to that possibility and be ready just in case," said Adkins.

The current statement from the National Weather Service office in Charleston regarding flooding potential reads, "The potential for flooding will remain high into this weekend, as any additional rainfall will likely become problematic."

"Exactly where the bulk of the rain falls is still an open question to a point but we think areas north of I-64 and to the north and west of Huntington-Charleston would be the prime area for flooding.  It's not a lock but common sense tells us we need to be alert and ready," Adkins adds.  

The Stormtracker meteorologists will keep you up to date on TV and on their free app where you can receive the latest warning information on the SafTNet Alert feature.  It's free for download on the Stormtracker 13 web page: 

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