KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Several Kanawha County school buses are getting a potentially life-saving upgrade today.

Crews are installing the “Gardian Angel” on ten of their school buses. It’s a safety system that lights up a path in front of the bus, extending well beyond the 10-foot danger zone.

The Gardian Angel will help students see better as they’re crossing the street and help drivers see those students.

It’s all created after an incident in 2010 where a 15-year-old was hit and killed while crossing the street. Kanawha County School bus drivers say this system is going to help students in the rural areas of the county where it is darker. 

Bus drivers say this system is going to keep thousands of kids safer. 

Peggy Stone, a bus driver for Kanawha County Schools, says, “This is going to be really good in the rural areas where its really dark because it illuminates the path for the children to walk across the street or the road so hopefully the cars will see the children better plus it will allow the bus driver to see the children better when they’re crossing.”

The District says the lights will be operational and on board school buses by mid-October.