BOONE COUNTY- A Boone County man was found guilty at trial for robbing the Costa IGA and assaulting the store owner.  James Ray Cantley, 43, of Peytona was accused of robbing the Costa IGA in June 2015.

Boone County deputies received a call from the store owner of the Costa IGA that a man had attempted to rob the store. Upon arriving at the store, deputies found Cantley restrained with zip ties after an altercation with the store owner and a customer.

When questioned, the store owner said that Cantley entered the store and proceeded to get a six pack of beer from the cooler. He then approached the counter, and he took money from the register. The store owner confronted Cantley who attempted to strike the owner with the six pack of beer. When the beer fell to the floor and shattered, Cantley began striking the owner with his fist. That is when a customer intervened. As the altercation moved to just outside the door, the owner and customer were able to overcome Cantley and held him until the deputies arrived. The store owner also recovered the $150.00 cash stolen from the register.

?When deputies approached Cantley at the scene, he told them that he was guilty, that he robbed the store, and that he did it to get his fix. He went on to tell deputies that he was high on methamphetamine. The store owner and the customer received minor injuries from the altercation.

?Following a 2 day trial, a jury returned a guilty verdict on both counts. Cantley faces a minimum of ten years when sentenced.