Lynn Rousseau has created two community gardens both in South Charleston one at Thomas Memorial hospital and one at 627 Chestnut street. But she says she doesn’t understand why she hasn’t had any help with the idea.

“I’m giving you free stuff so you know all you need to do is pull some weeds or water for me or something.”

Lynn isn’t the only one that’s surprised that the community gardens haven’t had any volunteers. Neighbors from around the area are surprised too.

“I was shocked because that is something that will help the community it will help the environment,” said Betty Stanley of Hurricane. “I mean I don’t understand why they don’t have more help.”

Lynn thinks the lack of community support comes from many different things, but mainly that the community doesn’t know it’s available. After speaking with Sasha Reynolds, that seems to be the case.

“Maybe they are not aware or its not close to the place they live,” she said. “Maybe if it was closer because people don’t like to travel a lot.”

But Lynn says it doesn’t matter how many volunteers, she considers this year a huge success.

“Oh my god I’m so stocked about this. I go by there every morning and every evening and it grows before my eyes.”

Lynn says all you have to do is bring a bag and pick whatever you would like. She is still looking for volunteers to help her and her son Andy pick for their final harvest. You can get in contact with Lynn at 304-419-0159.