Domestic violence calls like the one Cpl. David Fry responded to and was shot during can be some of the most dangerous situations officers encounter. A domestic violence survivor says responding officers are the only reason she’s alive and able to share her story.

“I would have died that day and my children would have too, his children, he was going to kill us all, and if it wouldn’t have been for those men, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Amy Thomas.

For 15 years she was in an abusive relationship. She says she survived more than 70 black eyes, her nose broken a dozen times as well as broken ankles and a broken elbow.

“I have had 15 surgeries in the last 2 and a half years to repair the damage and I’ve got two more coming up in the next four weeks,” she said.

It was summer 2013 when her abuser kidnapped her with her two young kids. That’s when officers came to her house not knowing the situation they were walking into.

“Obviously if he’s willing to chase someone that he quote on quote loves, and beat them, assault them, kidnap them, hurt them, he’s not going to care about an officer’s life,” said Thomas.

Thomas got help from the YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program. It served about 2500 people across three counties just last year.

“It’s a problem that is everywhere, it doesn’t matter what your income level is, what your education level is, how old you are, people experience domestic violence,” said Jennifer Goddard, Chief Program Officer at YWCA Charleston.

So now Thomas uses her story hoping to inspire others in similar situation to get help.

“I can promise you that it never gets better, you can save yourself but they will never save you they will only continue to make it worse for you.” she said about abusers.

She is thankful for the officers who saved her life and proudly supports other brave officers like Cpl. Fry showing support on her shirt and with a blue light lit outside her house 24/7.

Thomas’ abuser is currently in jail and is up for parole next March. If you or someone you know are in an abusive relationship you can find resources at or call their hotline staffed all hours every day at 304-340-3549.