As we spring forward this weekend, Downtown Huntington will soon spring to life with lots of flowers.

But there’s a new challenge after those flowers are planted. 13 News is working for you, letting beauty lovers know they can help others and the city, by joining the green team.  

We found there’s an expectation in Huntington these days that come spring, downtown light posts will have hanging baskets and flower beds are blooming and filled. But city workers don’t maintain Huntington‘s flowers.

That’s been the paid job of homeless people who make up “The Green Team.”This year, with another minimum wage hike, Green Team funding is $13,000 off budget.

Organizers said they would like to start paying the workers.

“They were doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. They’re good workers and we want to keep them and retain them, ” Bill Rosenberger told 13 News.

“With flowers comes life and growth and that’s what’s happening here in Huntington, but there’s also a movement to get sponsorship of this flowering work here and get more people involved in reviving Huntington,” Huntington Resident Melanie Buyers.

13 News found out that you can help the green team keep growing and going by adopting a flower pot or a flower bed here in Huntington.

“We’ve got 110 pots, you can adopt one for $100.00 and put your name on it and that way we can raise five thousand dollars pretty quickly.” Rosenberger said

You can adopt a Huntington flower pot or flower bed and help the city’s green team grow.

Go to for all the information you need.