A landmark sitting atop a former family owned business in South Charleston, WV is scheduled to come down Friday, March 27th.

A giant metal paint can has been perched above Evans Lumber since 1963.

“Turn right at the paint can. Everybody knows where it’s at, ” said Chris Tudor of Ferguson Waterworks.

“It’s been here 52 years,” said Bob Anderson, Executive Director of South Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Thousands of people have been to Evans Lumber Company and witnessed this paint can.”

Don Evans’ family helped pay for the can as part of an advertising campaign.

“It took a lot of years just to figure out how iconic it is,” Evans said.

“I think it added character,” said South Charleston resident Magge Keffer said. “At the same time it was a little out of date, but I liked it.”

Now the building its getting a makeover as Ferguson Waterworks is remodeling the building to suit the pipe business.

But not everyone is happy the renovations include dismantling the paint can.

“Well they’re just tearing down history,” said Bob McMillan of South Charleston.

Community reaction has surprised employees with Ferguson Waterworks.

“The mound we knew was a land mark, a paint can – we didn’t know it was that popular,” Tudor said.

The company says the can will be placed in storage, but they have plans for recreate it for their own use with pipes and water.

“Our businesses is pipe, not paint so if we refurbish it, we would do it to look like a piece of pipe, not a paint can,” Tudor said.

“I think they are getting the idea that people really like that paint can and they’ll like the pipe just as well,” Evans said.