Passing school buses and speeding through school zones are things that happen all too often putting our kids lives at risk. One local police department is putting some extra effort into trying to keep that from happening.

“A lot of traffic this time of day, heavy flow of traffic,” said Marmet Police Chief Gary Perdue about the time of day Marmet Elementary School gets out which is about 3:00 p.m.

When the school day ends he plays the role of crossing guard. This is his first school year as chief. He’s putting an emphasis on keeping kids safe when they arrive and leave Marmet Elementary.

“Zero tolerance, you run a school bus, school zone, speeding, it’s mandatory you will be cited if not towed,” he said. 

Parents are starting to notice the added enforcement.

“I appreciate it a lot because some of the cars that come through don’t even pay attention, they just fly right on by. I mean they’ve stopped a couple of them,” said Kelly Colpaert who has kids that go to Marmet Elementary. 

One of those motorists was caught by Perdue just a couple days ago. He was going 47 miles per hour through the school zone during pickup.

“You’re the adult, you’re the one in charge of the vehicle, you have to obey the speed limit signs,” said Cindy Schilling, Principal at Marmet Elementary. 

During the time of dismissal there’s one officer at the school’s entrance helping out and at least one more over on the street directing traffic. At times when their staff’s available more than half of their department is dedicated to school zone safety at the end of the day. 

“They’re our future, we don’t want anything to happen to them,” Perdue said about why they put so many resources towards it.