A recent report by NPR found that laws about children being home alone vary widely by state.

In West Virginia, according to are recent Hubpages article, the law states there is no minimum age when a parent can leave a child home alone. It is left to the parent’s discretion. 

In Kentucky there is not a specific law regarding minimum age, However, Child Protective Services may investigate if the child is under the age of 11.

In Ohio, in 2014, there was a statute on the books called  2151.05, Child without proper parental care. If you leave your child home alone under the age of 18, and something happens to the child, there are laws that protect the child according to the Hubpages article. 

For more on the laws regarding children left home alone, follow this link: http://lindasarhan.hubpages.com/hub/When-to-Allow-Your-Children-to-Stay-Home-Alone