Aaron Cahal was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old. 

Now at the age of 23 he uses his I-Phone to connect with family and friends through texting and social media. 

But this weekend that technology helped Aaron play a part in saving the life of a child. 

“I still haven’t absorbed everything,” said Aaron’s mom Lorena Cahal.  

She said she woke up from a nap on Mother’s Day to find out her son had done something pretty amazing. 

“I am very proud of him for what he did that day and having a part in saving that little baby’s life,” said Aaron’s grandmother Sue Cahal. 

Aaron was in his backyard that day and heard screams coming from somewhere in his neighborhood. He knew something wasn’t right. 

“Aaron with his way of knowing people I think that might be what helped him know something was wrong,” Sue said. 

Aaron didn’t know it at the time but those screams were coming from a nearby home where an 18 month old child had fallen in a swimming pool. 

He used his phone to message the South Point, OH police to ask for help. 

The message said “Poice we neee poice I heard big crying poeple scary poeple.” He also sent a picture of the location of the home. 

Someone at the police department just happened to be monitoring the page at the time. It was enough information to help police find that location and get help there in time. 

Another good Samaritan jumped in to perform CPR. Aaron’s family said they couldn’t be more proud. 

“Never underestimate a person no matter the ability or disability of a person because you have no idea what they have to say or how they feel or what they have to contribute to society,” Lorena Cahal said. 

The child pulled from the pool is undergoing treatment at an area hospital. 

Right now there is no word on the child’s condition or how the child ended up in the pool.