CHARLESTON, W.V. (WOWK)—More than 30,000 people in the state of west Virginia are living with Alzheimer’s disease. so year after year, advocates *continue to raise money and work to find a cure. “It sure is wonderful seeing everybody in purple and supporting the cause and just like me Alzheimer has touched their lives also,” Said Alzheimer’s Care Giver, Nancy Hurley.

Alzheimer is the sixth leading cause of death in the us, so this fight is far from over. People in the Alzheimer’s Association deal with the disease as a counselor and in their personal lives as well.  “In my family when you got a little rowdy you went to Beckley to visit grandma’s so we spent a lot of time together, one time I remember going to her house and her telling someone to come upstairs when they finish with the Christmas tree, and it was May. That’s when I noticed something was wrong,” said J.T. Hunter, the Alzheimer’s Association Family Coordinator. 

Thousands of people gathered to walk, remember and create a community among those who they care for, and are fighting this disease. “Alzheimer didn’t win, this is where I channel it, this is where I can always still fight, keep her name alive and show that we are not ashamed and to show we are here like others to say we are going to find an end to this thing,” Hunter said.

The Alzheimer’s Association hopes their support groups continue to grow each year by guiding families through the difficult battle with the disease. “For someone who has dementia you look them in the eyes you touch their arm, you have to live in their reality. You can’t live in yours and don’t argue with them,” said Hurley.

Aaliyah Brown 13 News, Working for You.