A water rescue in Roane County saves the life of a family’s four legged family member.

On Thursday, January 14, a local concerned citizen contacted the Roane County Shelter about stranded dog in the middle of Spring Creek just below the Bear Run and Grace Bridge. 

According to Roane County Humane officer Tanya Hicks, a scared hound mix was stranded on a collection of downed trees in the middle of Spring Creek and was unable to make it back to shore within the freezing waters.

Reedy Fire Department was called to the scene, bringing a row boat to try and help the dog.

After much effort to coax the dog into the boat, a humane officer was able to get the dog into the boat safely with the use of a humane snare pole.

The hound was taken to the shelter and named “Bear”.

Later, the owners of “Bear”, which name was actually Mac, reunited with their pooch. 

You can watch the rescue here