We get more pictures of the woolly worm than you could ever imagine. I have never hung up the phone on someone because of it…until today!

“Houston, we have a problem.”

The black and brown/orange banded woolly worm makes simple predictions based on the its physical appearance. It has 13 segments which correlate to the weeks in winter.
*Bold, black colors mean cold.
*Brown/orange striping that’s wider means mild.
*Spiky hair, watch for ice.
*Puffy, fluffy and extra woolly is a stout winter.

The Blizzard Worm

Now here’s where it gets ultra wild.  The white woolly worm is magical and scary all in one glance. The white one has a bigger advantage over the darker colored pals because it doesn’t just forecast the temperatures.

The white woolly bear worm is rare. When you do spot one, it’s a strong indicator of heavier than average snows for the season. If you also see these along with their all-black woolly friends, it could be one heck of a winter.

Essentially, the white woolly worm is the BLIZZARD version!

So yes, get the extra salt. Yes, get the new shovel. Yes, buy stock in Kroger because the bread and milk will be flying off the shelves!

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