Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes is a Texas native but it’s fairly clear that he’s made West Virginia his home.  He’s an award winning broadcaster for documentaries and prime-time shows and has been in radio and television broadcasting for more than 20 years. (We know, he carries that age well.)  Bryan can be found weekday mornings on WOWK-TV as the morning meteorologist.

His TV weather career began in Lubbock, Texas and continued to Iowa, Michigan and finally West Virginia.

Bryan is the former cartoon mascot, Raider Red, at Texas Tech University.  As an ambassador, Bryan has traveled all over the country to represent Texas Tech and been to too many games and events to even count.  He is also the former Public Address Announcer for the Texas Tech’s basketball and baseball programs.

Bryan has been in West Virginia for more than 6 years and can be found on speed boats and sternwheelers during his weekends.  The best part about the sternwheel boats is the history and the fun, family type of atmosphere that goes with them.  Bryan is a member of the American Sternwheel Association and travels the Ohio and Kanawha rivers with them.  Don’t be surprised if he hits up a karaoke establishment … he tries to sing.

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