Joe Fitzwater

Joe Fitzwater joins the StormTracker 13 team as a product of the region. He joined WOWK in May 2016 and became a member of the StormTracker 13 Weather Team in June 2018.

Joe has always had a passion for weather, dating back to when he was five years old. In August 2006, he witnessed a rare West Virginia supercell thunderstorm firsthand that dropped baseball-sized hail near Capital High School, which only fueled his passion.

Though originally from the Elkview area, Joe lived on a farm in beautiful Clay County until the historic June 2016 floods. During that time, Joe spent many days learning about the atmosphere and its effects as a result of the topography of the region.

Joe loves to travel the area to experience every corner that our DMA has to offer, both culturally and physically; whether it is hiking trails, eating at local restaurants, or checking out an iconic place. You can view his work here, which is featured on WOWK sometimes!

When Joe is not at work or exploring, you will catch him out at the park or an area forest regularly. In addition, he enjoys running. He is always looking for a new view to experience while in the woods and is interested in helping grow the sport of running in the Tri-State!

Joe’s favorite part about being a meteorologist is keeping his promise of being a dependable weather forecaster. He is always working hard for you!

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