The Arthritis Foundation Releases e-Book Entitled 60 Ways To Fight & Prevent Pain

Acknowledging the 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. who have been diagnosed with arthritis, resource aims to educate and aid those living with the disease during Pain Awareness Month

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2023 / September is Pain Awareness Month and to mark the occasion the Arthritis Foundation has released its e-book, 60 Ways to Fight & Prevent Pain. The e-book is available to download and contains expert tips, strategies, and support to help those with arthritis better manage pain and live a more active lifestyle.

For 75 years, The Arthritis Foundation has been the go-to resource for information on arthritis. Across the nation, nearly 60 million adults and hundreds of thousands of children live with pain caused by arthritis, which can interfere with everyday activities like chores, exercise, and more.

"Educating people about pain from arthritis and how to manage it has long been a core component of our work," says Steven Taylor, Arthritis Foundation CEO. "Our goal for Pain Awareness Month is to help those with arthritis discover strategies to alleviate joint pain. We hope these techniques help arthritis patients return to the activities that bring them joy."

The Foundation provides additional online resources and events including:

Within Pain Awareness Month, Psoriatic Arthritis Day is recognized on September 28. Psoriatic arthritis typically develops after age 30 and is a chronic, autoimmune form of arthritis that causes joint inflammation and often occurs with the skin condition psoriasis. Some people with psoriatic arthritis may never develop psoriasis. The Pain Hub - A comprehensive webpage on the Foundation's flagship website containing information about different types of pain and their treatments, help and support, and a quiz to test the dos and don'ts for effectively managing arthritis pain.

Pain Management Podcast - Discussions covering complementary therapies and treatments, lifestyle habits and psychological techniques, and other unique and proven ways to take control of arthritis pain.

Real Talk, Real Solutions for Chronic Pain - An enlightening, free webinar featuring effective, evidence-based solutions for chronic pain.

To learn more about arthritis resources, research, treatments, and how to get involved with the Arthritis Foundation, please visit:

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The Arthritis Foundation is fighting for all people who live with arthritis. As Champions of Yes, the Arthritis Foundation's mission is to turn the obstacles arthritis causes into opportunities. The Arthritis Foundation champions life-changing solutions and medical advancements, and it also provides ways for people to connect, break down barriers in health care and join the fight to conquer arthritis - uniting hearts, minds and resources to change the future of arthritis. To join the fight to conquer arthritis, visit

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