CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – School buses have been off the road for months in Kanawha County, but starting Monday, they’ll be back as the first day of school begins!

Violating laws involving buses could cost you up to $1,000 in fines and points on your license. Kanawha County Schools wants to make sure not only drivers are paying attention, but students as well. Friday morning Piedmont Elementary students learned what signals to look for when getting both on and off the bus. KCS transportation director, Brette Fraley says last year’s one-day survey showed 39 drivers illegally passed a stopped bus.

“When you translate that over that’s 7,020 illegal passes per school year on 180 days. But with the media’s involvement, law enforcement’s involvement and our parents, we actually have had an opportunity to decrease it at max 64 percent,” says Fraley.

Fraley adds that taking extra caution and paying attention will help continue to decrease scary statistics. “We ask you to please stop for the buses when they activate their lights,” said Fraley. “Be aware of school zones. You know you never know when a kid is going to drop something or change direction and dart across the road in front of you and that’s something none of us want to live with.” 

Kanawha County Schools says for easy access to first week of school tips, they have a one-stop-shop on their website here.