CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The Christmas season is starting a little early for some charities in the Kanawha Valley as they brace for a greater need. Charities in the Kanawha Valley work together around the holidays to make sure all kids have something under the Christmas tree.

But if parents or guardians need help providing toys for their children there are some important deadlines approaching.

“Our applications actually went out a little bit earlier this year just to give everyone enough time,” said Karison Frazier with the Christmas Bureau. The Christmas Bureau works with charities in three West Virginia counties to provide toys and food. They also work together to make sure there is no duplication of services. The Christmas Bureau is already getting several applications back and processing as many as 20 applications daily. This year their deadline is November 5.

“As soon as we get everybody certified and in the system, we automatically start buying toys for kids,” Frazier said. “So the more time we have to buy for toys, we try to get a head start and make sure we get the toys they want.”

The Salvation Army is collecting applications online starting next week.

“If you live in a community where internet is spotty, maybe you don’t have a smartphone or a computer that you can get to, we are going to have one day for each of the counties that we serve where you can come and apply in person,” said Major Jayne May, Area Commander, Christmas Director for the Salvation Army.

Both groups say the early deadlines give them more time to find sponsors for all the children who qualify for help.

“All of those donors that just every year buy toys without the thought of a thank you note or anything like that, people who drop money into our kettles not receiving a thank you except for the bell ringers, we are just very grateful,” May said.

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