(WOWK) The Mountain State is known for several staple summer activities. Perhaps the most popular is white water rafting.

To kick off her first summer living in West Virginia, Logan Ross headed out to New River Gorge to take on rafting for the very first time.

Ross started the morning signing in and listening to the guide’s safety briefing.

Guide: “Welcome to Adventures on the Gorge. Thank you guys for being patient while we figure out our trips combining.”

Then it was time to rock and roll and get her gear.

“Feel safe?”
“Safe as I can be!”

Ross and his group hopped on the bus and headed to the river to get in our duckies, which are basically inflatable kayaks.

“Feel good, ready for some fun! Woo!”

As we began to ride the roaring waters, we paddled through several different classes of rapids.

“We just went on a fantastic trip down the new river from McCreery to Stone Cliff. A fantastic trip, about 10 miles of class 1 through 3 white water. Fantastic family trip, a great introduction for folks looking to get on the water who are a little nervous for their first time. Awesome!”

Logan Ross

And those who want a thrill, don’t worry The river won’t disappoint.

“Two of my favorite rapids on the river are silos and duckie muncher… There are many ways to go around it — and one way to have a bit more of a thrill, and that is in the actual muncher. Fantastic time, a very safe swim. Gotta hit it straight, got to go hard… If you don’t, you get ‘munched.’ one of my other favorite rapids is silos… If you aren’t paddling and goof off for a second, you’ll hit a reactionary wave.”

Amanda Hardee / Raft Guide and Trip Leader, Adventures on the George

The visit was a fun, thrilling experience.

But a word of advice don’t forget your sunscreen and remember this: Your life vest is your best friend.