CHARLESTON, WV (WBOY) – With only 26% of West Virginia’s 50 and older population having gotten vaccinated to the booster shot level, Gov. Jim Justice spoke sternly to state residents during Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing.

“To think it’s (COVID-19) not with us is a bad move and to think you don’t need your booster shot is a way worse move. If you’re six months out(from Pfizer or Moderna) or two months out(from Johnson & Johnson), you’re not vaccinated. You have virtually no protection right now. I don’t know of anything that could be more foolish than not going to get your booster shot. How in the world if you got your first shots can you not run to get your booster?” said Justice.

He also announced the latest vaccination incentive program, dubbed “Do it for Babydog: Senior Center Edition.” It will revolve around the state’s 200 senior centers, Justice explained that all seniors who get all shots will get a $50 pre-paid Visa gift card and the top senior center, by vaccination rate, in each of state’s four regions, will get $100,000 for the center, plus a visit from Babydog. Details on how senior citizens can receive the gift cards have not yet been released.

The state’s COVID death rates are among the worst in the country, Dr. Clay Marsh said, while the governor also pointed out the vast majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated.

State health officials also reminded residents who feel sick, to get tested for COVID and encouraged people to get flu shots in addition to COVID vaccinations.