CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – At 76-years-old, Cherie White, of Charleston, is still teaching six aerobics classes a week and making an impact in her community outside of the gym.

“I’ve been teaching aerobics for 40-something years,” said White. “I love teaching. I guess my moto is I’d rather die here and be happy then sit at home in a rocking chair so… I just want to be a role model to people.”

Health is very important to Cherie, and for a big reason.

“We hadn’t been able to have kids, so we adopted our two children,” said White. “And when we adopted our daughter, I was 46. Son, I was 43, daughter 46. And I thought ‘then I gotta stay active and be fit. Because I’m an older mom, and I wanna see my children grow. Have grandchildren. Be able to take care of them, and still be able to do things. I can still keep up with them so.”

She’s a role model to those who attend her classes at the ‘Nautilus Fitness Center’ in Charleston. But her impact goes beyond the gym’s walls.

“I’m on the board for West Virginia Kids Cancer Crusaders,” White said. “It’s very dear to my heart. My good friend got me into that because her daughter had a brain tumor when she was young. She’s a survivor, she’s good. But we help families in the state that have children that have childhood cancer, with expenses and all that stuff.”

“My daughter had cancer, she’s a cancer survivor,” said Kelly Wymer, White’s good friend. “She (Cherie) joined me in the ranks, doing fundraisers here at Nautilus, and raising money for West Virginia Cancer Crusaders.”

Kelly Wymer is just one example of the many lives Cherie’s touched.

“We’ve become very close friends throughout the years,” said Wymer. “When I was in a bad place, she pulled me out of that place and recruited me as a spin instructor. She’s just amazing. She is remarkable.”

“This class nominated me, my senior class,” said White. “And I’m not good at recognition or anything like that. I don’t do it for that. I do it because I wanna do it. Encourage people to work out. Anybody can do it, you can start at any time. Anybody can do what they wanna do, you just gotta get up, step out, and do it.”