LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – In Man, West Virginia there’s one person everyone can count on – Elizabeth Tackett.

“If anybody needs help she’s the first person they call,” said Elizabeth Tackett’s son, Eddie Tackett. “She’s always been that person that I run to. She’s our safety net, she’s become the community’s safety net.”

Elizabeth Tackett’s passion has always been to help her community in any way she can.

“You need help? I’ll help you. You have a question? I’ll try and find your answer,” said Elizabeth Tackett. “If there’s a resource I will get it and bring it back to my community. This is my community, these are my people. I just care.”

Elizabeth has been a librarian for more than 20 years, but her involvement in the community goes way beyond that.

“She’s involved with the Lions Club, she helps people get glasses,” said Eddie Tackett. “She’s involved with the Buffalo Creek Flood Disaster stuff, so she takes care of the memorial. She’s apart of the Garden Club, which puts flowers around the community. I mean everyone knows her.”

One of her passion projects is working to remember the more than 100 lives lost and thousands of people displaced in the 1972 Buffalo Creek Disaster.

“It’s just if we don’t preserve that those people are going to be gone and we aren’t going to have their stories.”

Remarkable Women Finalist Elizabeth Tackett

She keeps their stories alive by holding memorials and partnering with local universities to digitize thousands of newspapers.

“Our church has a mission statement,” said Elizabeth Tackett. “It’s connect to God, connect to others and connect to the world. That’s basically what I’ve done.”

Her proudest accomplishment that has been years in the making? It’s turning Man’s Buffalo Creek Memorial Library into the heart of community.

“If I had to pick one thing I was really proud of its this children’s room,” said Elizabeth Tackett. It’s brought life back. The little ones come in and they love it. Half the time they kick their shoes and coats off before they even get to this room.”

“This place is more than just a library it’s a community.”

Eddie Tackett, son of Remarkable Women Finalist Elizabeth Tackett

Her advice to young women?

“Lead by example, that’s always been my motto,” said Tackett. “If you’re willing to do, you ask other people that are willing to help.”