PORTSMOUTH, OH (WOWK) – If you are in the Portsmouth community, odds are you know of or have seen Jodi Conkel.

Jodi was nominated for Remarkable Women by her daughter and is described by many as “a pillar in her community” and “an example for young women everywhere” that they can follow their dreams and ambitions and make a difference in the world.

“It’s like she’s never off duty,” says Robin Jordan.

“She’s always putting her self forward 110%,” says Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman.

Jodi’s 29-year career in law enforcement is nothing short of trailblazing. She is Sergeant over the detectives at the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and is part of the special victim’s unit at the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office.

And there is no rest for Jodi Conkel.

“I’m a part of any case involving a child. Whether it’s a sexual assault, rape, any crimes against children. Also homicides, robberies, burglaries, I handle just about everything, but on top of that, I do all the sexual assault cases, crimes against the elderly, any special victim,” Jodi says.

When asked when she finds the time to get some sleep, Jodi laughs and says, “few and far between.”

“She’s one of those officers that you can’t help but like her,” says Scioto County Prosecuting Attorney Shane Tieman. “And I think that’s part of it. Even if you’re a suspect in a crime, you can’t help but like her! She’s grilling you, but you like her, so you want to cooperate.”

Sheriff Thoroughman says Jodi is also the only female detective in the county and is in charge of the detective bureau on the day-to-day operations.

“Times have changed,” Conkel said. “Now you have all kinds of females in law enforcement. When I started, it was like, ‘You’re gonna make it or break it for all females.’ You know, as a female, I feel like now you don’t have to, but back then, you had to work way harder just to prove that, you know, a female can do the job as well.”

This is a point of pride for her daughter, Miranda Webb, who nominated her for the “Remarkable Women” distinction.

“She sets a perfect example for women in the work force and, you know, moms in general. I think she’s a wonderful role model, mot only for me, but other young girls,” Miranda said.

Jodi also says she doesn’t give up on the cases she investigates.

“And I think it shows anybody if you want something hard enough, and you work hard, you can get it. You know, I’m very determined, and I don’t like to be told no. I’m never gonna stop. You know, sometimes you hit a bump in the road, when cases take three, four, five six, seven years. But I’m never going to give up.

Jodi’s determination is something Robin Jordan can attest to. When investigating the 2001 murder of Jordan’s daughter, she says Jodi kept her in the loop every step of the way throughout the case.

“Jodi was the detective that came on board when my daughter was murdered in 2001. She was right on top of it. It was her first case as a detective. She was bound determined that she was gonna get it,” Jordan said. “When DNA hit, she was right there on top of it and I was the first one to know about it.

Six and a half years after the crime, Jodi was able to help bring closure to Robin and her family. Even years after cracking the case, Jodi’s dedication to the people of her community is unwavering.

“I became really close with the mom and she brought me a picture of her daughter and she said, ‘I just want you to see her and know what you’re fighting for.’ I dealt with her so much my daughter actually thought she was a relative. That’s how serious I take my cases.”

Those around Jodi say her dedication to the job reflects how valuable she is to the community.

“She’s just one of the best friends I’ve had through the years. I would be lost. There would be so many turmoils that have not been straightened out if it hadn’t been for her,” Jordan said.

“She’s proven herself over and over as a valuable asset to the county and to the sheriff’s office,” Thoroughman said.

“I don’t know when she sleeps! I really don’t,” said Tieman. “She’s up at all hours. She’s answering calls. she’s helping the patrol division. She’s helping citizens and she can multitask like nobody I’ve seen. She’s a phenomenal asset and we’re lucky to have her.”

Jodi says her message to others is to work hard and you can reach your goals.

“I mean, knowing where I came from, starting as a dispatcher, and just fighting to get to where, you know, I can make a difference.

I mean, I just think it would be amazing. It’s an honor just to be nominated (for Remarkable Women) just to show other women that no matter what the situation, if you fight hard enough and you work hard, you can get to your goals.

Set your goals high!

Jodi Conkel, Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and Remarkable Women nominee.