10 years ago, Terry and TIffany Dunford couldn’t have biological children. Tiffany was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, so they decided to adopt.  Little Tanner came into their lives 10 months ago.

Luckily for adopted children like Tanner, there’s a scholarship program that can help families invest in the future education of their adopted children. The Dunford’s benefited last year from money raised through the SMART 529 college scholarship fund – run by the West Virginia Treasurer’s office. 

You and your family are invited to the 4th annual SMART5.29K Run/Walk on Saturday, May 19, 2018! The race is sponsored by the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office in partnership with Mission West Virginia. According to the Treasurer’s office, the SMART5.29K raises money to establish SMART529 College Savings Plans for children recently adopted out of the foster care system in West Virginia. All proceeds from the 5.29K registration, minus a $3.00 race fee, will be deposited into SMART529 College Savings Accounts. The accounts will be awarded through a selection process administered by Frameworks and Mission West Virginia.