CHARLESTON, WV, (WVNS) – With more and more Covid-19 test kits making their way into homes across the United States, there are safety precautions to be aware of when using them.

More people in West Virginia will soon have access to test kits, due to free ones being shipped to thousands of homes in the coming weeks. While severe poisonings from the contents of the kit are not expected, mistakes can cause unwanted symptoms. The West Virginia Poison Center urges all to remember the following tips for safe use:

  • Some of the kits have solution containers that looks like eye drops. People have accidentally used this solution instead of their eye drops. To help prevent this, do not store test kits near personal care products.
  • You will never be instructed to place a solution on the nasal swab before putting it in the nose. This may cause irritation to the nose. In addition, the test will no longer work.
  • As soon as the kit is used, throw the item away to prevent small children from ingesting the solution in the kits or putting used nasal swabs in their mouth.  Some of the small pieces can also be choking hazards. 

For any COVID-19 test kit exposures, call the West Virginia Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222.