CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia has has some of the worst numbers yet, since the COVID 19 pandemic began.

Because of that – for several hours today – a line of cars snaked through the parking lot of West Virginia Health Right, as hundreds of people lined up to get tested, vaccinated, or boostered.

Since last Thursday, there were more than 9,100 new cases. There are now more than 15,000 active cases – a level we’ve not seen since late September. The number of people in hospitals also jumped sharply, to 741.

So, now comes the testing surge. And today, West Virginia Health Right broke its single-day pandemic record by testing 879 people.

Dr. Angie Settle, R.N., of WV Health Right said, “It goes pretty fast. I don’t want to deter people from coming and getting tested because of lines. You know we’re a well-oiled machine. I’ve added two more nurses. We have the biggest staff out here we’ve ever had, testing people.”

Linda, a South Charleston woman, who came to get tested said, “Someone I was with over the weekend tested positive. So I am trying to decide if it’s safe for me to go to work or not. I have been vaccinated and had the booster.”

Tim Noyes, who got tested again for COVID-19 said, “Well I just had a chest cold last week and I just… my company wants me to verify that it’s not COVID.”

Health officials today reminded people that vaccines are not foolproof. Approximately 10-percent of people who are in the hospitals with COVID-19 were fully vaccinated, but caught it anyway. However, about 90-percent of COVID patients were not vaccinated at all.