From All-America nods to all-conference nominations, Zach Frazier has made the most of his two seasons of college football. What if he took his talents back to the wrestling mat?

“It would probably be too hard,” Frazier said. “I’d have to cut too much weight right at the end of the season and everything.”

Frazier is listed at 306 pounds, but in 2020, he captured his fourth straight state title for Fairmont Senior High School in the 285-pound division. He said he misses those days, and that he thinks about them sometimes.

While he won’t be competing for Tim Flynn at WVU, he still gets to utilize a lot of those skills for Neal Brown. Linemen, in a way, are the “wrestlers” of the football field, taking on a similar battle that one might face on the mat.

In fact, Frazier said that a lot of his strengths came right from his wrestling career — using his hands, understanding leverage and reading the weight of a defensive lineman, for example.

“Stuff that I wouldn’t have ever known — I only know it because of wrestling,” Frazier said. “I owe a lot to wrestling. It’s helped me out a lot.”

That’s not to take away from Frazier’s knowledge of the game. He started at Morgantown as a right guard, then switched to the left during the 2020 season. In the spring of 2021, Brown and his staff moved him to center, where they originally planned to play him.

The decision paid off, as his return to center resulted in an All-American season for the then-sophomore.

Still, even as he succeeds on the offensive line, Frazier can’t help but think about one of the sports that got him there.

“I do miss it a little bit, for sure,” Frazier said. “I still think about it sometimes.”