MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — JT Daniels wanted to make it interesting in the fourth quarter against Baylor.

That’s what WVU’s quarterback facetiously said about his late-game interception that kept the Baylor Bears alive in Morgantown. Daniels said he had plenty of good throws throughout the game that beat the Bears’ coverage, but that pass wasn’t one of them.

“I was being stupid,” Daniels said, shrugging off the pick.

The Mountaineers went on to save the game, partly behind some late heroics from Daniels and the offense, but it was yet another episode of some misfortunes ruining a seemingly strong run from the team.

The high-profile transfer has had a strong campaign to start his time with the Old Gold and Blue as the fifth-most prolific passer in the Big 12. His efficiency rating isn’t where he’d likely want it to be — 132.1, the third-lowest in the league — but his 3:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio shouldn’t be sneezed at.

Through it all, Daniels has kept a cool head despite the disappointing start to the season.

“I’ve thrown some game-winners and I’ve thrown some game-losers….I don’t really think twice of it anymore like I’ve talked about it before, I treat every time I get on the field as its own individual scenario,” Daniels said.

WVU’s even record after six games could imaginably be 5-1 if it weren’t for just a few miscues in the pass game. Of course, there are plenty of other issues in WVU’s three losses one could point to as a scapegoat, but inopportune dropped passes and untimely interceptions dominate the memory of WVU fans.

The Mountaineers are working through these issues and showed plenty of improvement on Thursday against Baylor, but there is clearly work to be done. Through it all, Daniels has kept his “even-keel” attitude, and his teammates seem to play off it.

“When it comes to playing the game, I have full trust in [my receivers], and there is nothing I can do about a dropped pass,” Daniels said. “Specifically talking about playing the game, I’m going to keep doing my job and putting it where it’s supposed to be, and I trust them ot continually do their job. There have been a few — not many — but there have been a few important drops, and that’s going to happen. It happens everywhere.”