MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Josiah Trotter’s collegiate career hasn’t quite started as he anticipated. After enrolling early to join WVU for the spring season, the promising freshman linebacker sustained a knee injury during one of the first practices that required surgery. He isn’t expected to return this season.

Trotter may not be playing for the Mountaineers in the immediate future, but that hasn’t stopped him from making sure he is more than ready for when that time comes.

Linebackers coach Jeff Koonz said they are doing everything they can to keep Trotter constantly engaged, but really that’s a task the newcomer is doing on his own. When he isn’t doing his treatments or his rehab protocols, you can find him wherever the rest of the team is. From the meeting room to walkthroughs, he’s absorbing everything he can.

“We’ll eat lunch then he and I will go watch film together while the guys are getting their recovery because, obviously, he’s not in that position right now,” Koonz said. “We’ll go through the calls and he’ll make the calls. He’ll ask questions. Even though he’s not playing, he’ll still ask the most questions of anyone in the room.”

While players are recovering from surgery, it is to feel alone and become less involved. Trotter came to WVU to play football and the opportunity to do so right away was taken from him just as quickly as he arrived.

He is also the only player with an injury that is expected to miss significant time. All others on the injury list at least will have a chance to see the field in 2023.

Koonz said it may seem like Trotter is on his own island right now, but everyone in the program is doing their part to show the freshman he is anything but alone.

“We are all there with him and he’s done a great job of staying engaged,” Koonz said. “This is his family away from home. He knows that. We are all putting our arms around him and continuing to progress with him.”

Trotter showed his progress and positivity when he was all smiles at WVU’s Ladies Huddle event last month and was walking with no restrictions. Head coach Neal Brown said Trotter’s recovery is going well but there is still no timetable for his return.