BRAXTON COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – The Flatwoods Monster, a cryptid that has captivated the imaginations of locals and enthusiasts alike, continues to be a subject of fascination and intrigue in the quiet hills of Braxton County. This enigmatic creature, first sighted in 1952, caught the attention of the staff of Good Day at 4, during spooky season.

The tale of the monster dates back to September 12, 1952, when a group of kids and an adult reported encountering a terrifying figure in the woods near the town of Flatwoods. Described as being around 10 feet tall, with a glowing, round head and an eerie, metallic body, the creature hissed at the witnesses, before disappearing into the night.

Over the years, the story of the Flatwoods Monster has become a part of local folklore and a point of pride for Braxton County. Some believe the sightings are a result of misidentifications or hoaxes, while others maintain that something unexplained dwells in the dense forests of Braxton County.

Whether the Flatwoods Monster is a genuine creature or merely a captivating story, its legend endures. Click HERE for more on the Flatwoods Monster, and the museum offering visitors with a unique experience.