WILLIAMSON, WV (WOWK) – Patricia Bennett is still trying to wrap her mind around the death of her older brother, Sgt. Cory Maynard.

“I love every memory I have with him, the good and the bad,” Patricia said Monday afternoon.

Sgt. Maynard, 37, was killed in an ambush in the Beech Creek Road area on Friday, June 2, according to the West Virginia State Police (WVSP). Timothy Kennedy, 29, of Matewan, is the man accused of killing Maynard and injuring one other person.

13 News met with Bennett at her brother’s favorite restaurant – “3 Guys” – in Williamson, West Virginia. She shared fun memories of when they were growing up.

“He would take me to school and he would play bluegrass music as loud as he could and drop me off at the front of the school so everyone could hear it,” Bennett said talking about some of the fun times they shared together.

She said he was passionate about protecting his corner of West Virginia. Bennett said he loved the town of Williamson and “wanted to make a difference in this town. Unfortunately, this town got him.”

Bennett said Troopers from both West Virginia and Kentucky have been reaching out to the family, offering their support.

“The support is huge, especially because I know these troopers are also grieving for my brother,” Bennett said.

Her brother was set to go to Guam next month to see their other sister, who is in the U.S. Coast Guard. She said, “He was so excited because he was going to be the first one to see her baby and now that was taken away.”

This was the first of many moments taken away from a young man whose sister says embodied the motto “to serve and protect.”

“My brother was the first one there, that was totally his character. If he could do it again tomorrow, he would have to protect those boys.”