CHAPMANVILLE, WV (WOWK) – Sgt. Cory Maynard is still making an impact in many lives throughout West Virginia through community events, like Saturday’s softball tournament at Chapmanville Regional High School.

All proceeds from this event are going directly to the Sgt. Cory Maynard scholarship at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. The scholarship is for first responders and their families.

“It’s the way that Cory continues to help even now, providing an opportunity for young people to continue their education,” State Trooper Sgt. Jamie Harris said. Harris works out of the WVSP Logan County detachment.

Many organizers of the scholarship said the loss of Sgt. Maynard in June left a permanent mark on the campus community.

“The outpouring of sadness was just horrific around the campus because Sgt. Maynard was stationed in Mingo County, that is one of our counties. We are a Southern family, and many of our folks knew Sgt. Maynard. They went to school with him. It was just devastating,” Pamela Alderman said. Alderman is the President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College

What was going to just be a single match on Saturday turned into an all-day-long tournament because of the outpouring of community support. 

“To see an event like this be brought together, the desire to again give something back to the name of Cory Maynard and to his legacy, to his service to this community, to see that continue just means so much to me personally and to the department as a whole,” Sgt. Harris said.

Sgt. Harris knew Sgt. Maynard for over 15 years. He said they went to the WVSP academy together and eventually worked side-by-side out of the Logan County State Police detachment for several years.

“His energy was always infectious. His desire to represent the uniform, to represent the state police, to serve his community, to really just be a helping hand to whoever needed it. It made everyone that worked with him or around him just want to be better, and that’s part of the legacy of Cory Maynard,” Sgt. Harris said.

Sgt. Harris said long term, he hopes this becomes an annual tournament.

Sgt. Harris said, “I think all of us are humbled, honored to see the continual support not only towards the department but towards Sgt. Cory Maynard’s family. As well as the overwhelming desire to help, to support, to see his name and his legacy honored and remembered.”