FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — A man and a woman from Fairmont have been charged with child neglect after deputies say they searched their home, which did not fully have electricity, and found a backed-up toilet, moldy food and drug paraphernalia.

David Woodring

On Wednesday, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department assisted child protective service workers with a home check at a residence in Fairmont, according to a criminal complaint.

When deputies entered the residence, known to be the home of Kerstyn Miller, 22; and David Woodring, 28, of Fairmont, the complaint alleges deputies “observed the home to have no electricity in half of the residence.”

Also, while in the residence, deputies noted the residence “to have unsanitary living conditions, such as a toilet with backed up feces in the bathroom, filth throughout the residence,” as well as the bedroom where Miller and Woodring stayed to have “drug paraphernalia in plain view and easy accessibility of [a] 3-year-old child and 3-month-old on the bed wrapped in a blanket,” according to the complaint.

Kerstyn Miller

The room where deputies located the 3-year-old child sitting on a bed had “burnt tinfoil with drug residue and a glass pipe next to [the child] on the dresser at the end of the bed,” as well as two “bowls used for smoking narcotics on the kitchen table,” deputies said.

Deputies also looked inside the refrigerator, “which at the time had no power had very little food and what was in there was molded and rotten,” as well as “mold and rotten food in the freezer,” according to the complaint.

While speaking with CPS workers, Miller and Woodring “admitted to using narcotics while caring for children in the recent days,” and a drug test of Miller and Woodring “would test positive for methamphetamine and marijuana,” deputies said.

Miller and Woodring have been charged with child neglect resulting in risk of injury. They are being held in North Central Regional Jail.