We’re beginning to enter the peak of spring severe weather season and one weather group is forecasting an above average month for tornadoes this April.

Accuweather is forecasting 200 to 275 tornadoes to spin up during the month of April. That is a humongous increase in comparison to last year, when only 73 tornadoes were recorded, which is below the national average of 155 for the month.

Accuweather is then forecasting a drop for the month of May, with 140 to 190 tornadoes forecast, compared to an average of 276 tornadoes. 289 were recorded last may across in the U.S.

In addition, Accuweather believes that April tornadoes will tend to shift eastward than the typical tornado alley spots, with areas in the Midwest Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley and Ohio Valley likely to see the higher risk for severe weather.

Interestingly, Accuweather is forecasting a slightly higher than usual total count of tornadoes for the year, with 1,350 to 1,475 tornadoes for the U.S. as their forecast, compared to the average of 1,253. The U.S. is currently experiencing its longest stretch without an EF5 tornado, with the last one being recorded on may 20th, 2013 in Oklahoma.

West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky each see their fair share of tornadoes, with West Virginia averaging 2 tornadoes, Ohio 19 and Kentucky 21. However, Ohio and Kentucky were both far above average last year, with 57 tornadoes in the Bluegrass State, including the devastating December outbreak. Ohio saw 37 tornadoes while West Virginia saw its average of 2.

An uptick in recent years has been reported, with above average tornado counts in Kentucky nine of the last ten years, for six of the last ten years in Ohio and five of the past ten years in West Virginia.