WASHINGTON D.C. (CNN) – While many people are trying to avoid going outside amid the coronavirus one grocery store in Washington D.C. is making it easier than ever.

The store is using robots to deliver groceries to residents in the area — and customers seem to be loving it.

At the Broad Branch Market in Chevy Chase, service remains a top priority.

“It’s a big responsibility, we feel like we need to be here,” Tracy Stannard, owner of Broad Branch Market says.

Despite slight changes amid the coronavirus pandemic, like this 10 customer limit sign out front, slight modifications in the hours, and these robots.

“They have a lot of eyeballs, they are really cute,” Stannard says.

For the last three days, owner Tracy Stannard has been using these four 45-pound robots to deliver goods from her market to neighbors within a mile of the store.

The free delivery is part of a beta test with the company starship. And a modern twist to the store that has been in the community for a century.

“It has been great, people rely on us for groceries,” Stannard says.

Customers simply call in their orders, then they are placed inside.

And off they go, with no physical interaction between Stannard and her customers.

“Awesome,” customer Rachel Friedman says.

Mom of two Rachel Friedman received her order in less than thirty minutes.

“I’m going to use this all the time, this is awesome,” Friedman says.

The robots arent only transporting goods, but neighbors say they are also bringing joy to the neighborhood in the midst of uncertainty.

Entertaining neighbors along the way.

“It’s a great idea,” Therese Ronayne says.