CHILLICOTHE, OH (WOWK) — On Monday, Adena Health System announced an investment in caregiver wages starting in September with full implementation by the end of 2022.

Included in the investment is an increase in Adena’s minimum wage, bringing it up to $15 per hour.

The increase will benefit 14% of Adena’s workforce as their hourly pay will increase in a phased rollout plan.

Adena will also make market wage adjustments to all other salaried and hourly positions that are non-executive, physician and advanced practice providers. The market wage adjustments will not affect healthcare fees, the health system says.

Jeff Graham, Adena President and CEO, says the company understands that their caregivers are a valuable asset as the healthcare industry currently faces several challenges.

“As the health care industry continues to face many challenges, among them rising operational costs and staffing challenges, one of the most important ways we can position ourselves for success is by continuing to invest in our workforce,” Graham said. “Our commitment to our communities in providing the best in trusted local care starts with a commitment to those dedicated to serving our patients.”

Heather Sprague, Adena’s Chief Human Resources Officer, says the health system is especially focused on making investments into their workforce amidst national inflation.

“We know that with inflation and increasing cost-of-living expenses that everyone is feeling the pressure,” Sprague said. “That is why we are committed to creating an environment in which our caregivers’ contributions are recognized and also rewarded.”

Adena Health System provides care for over 400,000 people in the south central and southern regions of Ohio. To learn more about careers at Adena, visit