MILTON, WV (WOWK) — The well-known West Virginia business, Blenko Glass Company, announced they are raising product prices amidst nationwide inflation.

The announcement comes after Blenko faced supply issues with corrugated boxes in 2020 and spray foam in 2021. Now, the company is facing vendor pricing changes following massive spikes in the cost of natural gas. The inflated costs are expected to last until 2024.

“We have seen significant increases in almost every single chemical used in our glass formulations. Some even up to +50%! This is not to mention the increases we have seen with other miscellaneous items. Everything from gloves and janitorial supplies to raw metal for our blowpipes has increased in price.”

Blenko Glass Company

Blenko is also struggling to keep glass on the shelves due to an employee shortage. The company said they are rapidly hiring and training new glassworkers, but those skills take time to develop. Once more employees are hired and trained, Blenko hopes to get back to making complex and large pieces.

Blenko said they have historically increased certain prices in increments to avoid customer shock, but recent inflation caused the company to make the difficult decision to raise prices across all items. All new prices were made live, effective immediately. Prices will be updated on Blenko’s website.

“We believe this to be fair, and in light of the current supply chain increases, we are confident you will agree. We want to be around for another 100 years, thus must adapt and react quickly to these changing market conditions.”

Blenko Glass Company

Blenko stopped accepting wholesale orders until after Jan. 1, 2023, to better serve customers and reduce shipping times as the holidays approach. Price changes for new orders take effect from Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022, and onward, but will not affect existing orders.

The company says they may limit quantities during abnormal order spikes or make immediate price changes if there are calculation errors.

In addition, the company is working with the Department of Labor and the West Virginia Economic Development Office to establish a federally approved and regulated glassworking apprenticeship program at Blenko. Together, they developed a 10,000-hour training program for students to become federally recognized glassworkers. Individuals who complete the program will receive college credit.

To view Blenko’s online store, click here.