Welcome to “Gonzoburger” the hottest new restaurant in Charleston. Since opening it’s doors the spring, business is booming. It and a sister restaurant now employ seventy people.

“Business has been wonderful here. The community has really supported us.  We’ve had great turnout. And business couldn’t be better,” said David Hayden, Manager, “Gonzoburger.”     

This restaurant is not alone. The Secretary of State’s office now says over 800 new businesses opened their doors in the Mountain State just in April. The West Virginia  Chamber of Commerce, says it’s all a part of an upward trend.

“We are at a five-year high. We have more jobs now than we’ve had at any time in the last five years. For every month since May of 2016, we’ve seen new jobs coming into west Virginia,” said Steve Roberts, of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

And “Gonzoburger” isn’t the only place that’s cooking. Construction is underway for another restaurant and book store across the street. Plus, there are new coffee shops, and other stores opening, too. A once dying neighborhood known as Elk City, is bouncing back.

“The city as a whole, the City of Charleston as a whole. And a friend of mine said, ‘All boats float on a rising tide.’ And it’s definitely a rising tide here in Elk City,” said David Hayden, Manager “Gonzoburger.”

But the news is not all good. A Nashville developer was going to open three new restaurants at this site in Charleston’s East End. The deal is now off for lack of financing.

“Certainly the question everyone is asking, is this just a temporary up tick in West Virginia’s economy? Or, is this perhaps a long term trend?” said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.