HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – In downtown Huntington, residents now have the opportunity to visit an in-store location and learn about medical cannabis.

TerraLeaf, a medical cannabis dispensary, recently opened a dispensary and education center on Third Avenue, and the store manager says the education and community outreach is what will make them stand out.

What is this?

“This is our education center, and what we do is invite anyone in the general public that wants to learn more about the products, [tell them] how to go about getting the medical cannabis card, recommending doctors that they can go see that can prescribe the card, and [answer] any general questions about the medical cannabis program in general,” says Torrey Clark, the general manager at TerraLeaf.

He says the owner – Chris Visco – decided to open the store in Huntington to try to help combat the current opioid crisis, and she has a personal connection to the product.

“Our owner Chris Visco, battled breast cancer – she’s in remission now – but she did treat herself with medical cannabis, so she’s very passionate about it.”

Torrey Clark, TerraLeaf General Manager

What does/will the store have?

“We’re going to have medical cannabis of different strains, different strengths, and with different terpene ingredients within the products. We like to educate people on what each terpene is good for, the strengths, and strands that might be good for whatever condition you might be dealing with. We’re also going to have a medical professional on sight that has the medical background and cannabis education to be able to tell you ‘Hey this might work better for you than this’ and really go into detail about the medicine and what’s going to benefit you the best,” explains Clark.

The company also plans to do set aside days to go into the community to inform residents on what medical options – related to medical cannabis – they have and how they can go about acquiring it.

For anyone who wants to visit, the education building is open Monday and Tuesday 11 am – 1 pm and Wednesday and Thursday 4 pm-7 pm.