(WOWK) — American Electric Power (AEP) said it was ranked one of the best corporate entities in the United States for 2023.

AEP serves 11 states, including the Tri-State region of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, through Appalachian Power (VA and WV), Kentucky Power and AEP Ohio.

The JUST 100 2023 list, which identified America’s finest corporations, ranked AEP as No. 14 out of 951 companies and No. 1 among 39 utility providers.

Corporations were ranked based on their overall company score. AEP’s company score was 80 out of 125 — the average was 50; the highest was 90.9, according to the JUST 100 2023 list.

JUST Capital and business news provider CNBC created the list by analyzing “951 of the country’s publicly traded companies” on issues like job creation, diversity, worker health, environmental sustainability and other stakeholder-focused subjects.

Below is a list of what AEP ranked in individual categories with additional subjects related to each topic:

Workers: ‘How a company invests in its employees’

Overall Industry Ranking: No. 2 | Overall US Ranking: No. 38

SubjectIndustry RankingOverall US Ranking
Living WageNo. 2No. 43
Worker Health and SafetyNo. 5No. 148
Workforce AdvancementNo. 15No. 127
Benefits and Work-Life BalanceNo. 4No. 147
Diversity, Equity and InclusionNo. 3No. 55
Individual subjects in the ‘Workers’ category on the JUST 100 2023 list.

Communities: ‘How a company supports its communities’

Overall Industry Ranking: No. 2 | Overall US Ranking: No. 32

SubjectIndustry RankingOverall US Ranking
Local Job CreationNo. 9No. 61
Human RightsNo. 9No. 187
Community DevelopmentNo. 1No. 22
Community SupportNo. 17No. 258
Individual subjects in the ‘Communities’ category on the JUST 100 2023 list.

Customers: ‘How a company treats its customers’

Overall Industry Ranking: No. 3 | Overall US Ranking: No. 31

SubjectIndustry RankingOverall US Ranking
Customer PrivacyNo. 6No. 324
Customer TreatmentNo. 1No. 1
Transparent CommunicationNo. 1No. 1
Beneficial ProductsNo. 1No. 7
Individual subjects in the ‘Customers’ category on the JUST 100 2023 list.

Shareholders and Governance: ‘How a company prioritizes good governance’

Overall Industry Ranking: No. 4 | Overall US Ranking: No. 116

SubjectIndustry RankingOverall US Ranking
Ethical LeadershipNo. 3No. 123
Investor ReturnNo. 9No. 490
Accountability to StakeholdersNo. 10No. 128
Individual subjects in the ‘Shareholders and Governance’ category on the JUST 100 2023 list.

Environment: ‘How a company minimizes environmental impact’

Overall Industry Ranking: No. 7 | Overall US Ranking: No. 125

SubjectIndustry RankingOverall US Ranking
Pollution ReductionNo. 1No. 1
Sustainable MaterialsNo. 6No. 228
Climate ChangeNo. 25No. 914
Resource EfficiencyNo. 19No. 280
Individual subjects in the ‘Environment’ category on the JUST 100 2023 list.

While AEP ranked lower overall in the U.S. environment category, the company said it is working to provide a “cleaner, brighter energy future for its customers and communities.”

The company said it intends to expand upon its over 7,100 megawatts of sustainable energy, with plans to increase its renewable generation portfolio to about 50% of total capacity.

AEP also said that by 2030, the company wants to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 80% from 2005 levels. The company promised to reach a net zero by 2045.

“Whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint, building an engaged, inclusive workforce or enabling economic development opportunities, AEP is focused on delivering energy solutions that empower our customers and communities. We’re proud to be recognized as an industry leader for corporate accountability practices and remain committed to innovating as we work to meet the changing expectations of our customers, communities and investors.”

Julie Sloat, president and chief executive officer of AEP.

Visit AEP’s website to view the company’s corporate accountability plan.