NEW BOSTON, OH (WOWK) – A community in southern Ohio gathered to remember the boy who was killed in a shooting.

The death of 4-year-old Zsailynn Conley left the community heartbroken. Wednesday night, the Roots Childcare Center, where Zsailynn attended daycare, held a candlelight vigil at Millbrook Park to honor his life.

Support for the family came pouring in as community members filled the park. Many neighbors say after hearing the news they wanted nothing more than to wrap their arms around the family and they did just that.

Zsailynn’s mother attended the vigil and almost every person there embraced her, paying their respects to her son.

“I just felt compelled to come down and maybe just tell the mother I was praying for her and I did,” says neighbor Missy Mefford.

His mother also spoke during the event, remembering the good times she shared with her son and thanking the community for their support during this tough time.

The vigil was all about remembering the life of Zsailynn, offering comfort for his family, and continuing to search for closure as the investigation into his death continues.

Portsmouth Police Chief Debby Brewer says there are no updates in this case so far, but they have started extra patrols near Mound Park as much as staffing will allow.