BARBOURSVILLE, WV (WOWK) — A gym teacher on paid administrative leave from Barboursville Middle School is facing sexual abuse charges after at least two students reported his alleged inappropriate actions to law enforcement.

According to the criminal complaint, Tim Hardesty, Deputy Superintendent of Cabell County Schools, advised law enforcement on Jan. 27 that a Barboursville Middle School teacher was possibly sexually assaulting students. The teacher, Daniel Francis Miles, 48, had previously been reprimanded for similar actions, the complaint says.

Hardesty collected written victim reports and gave them to law enforcement.

In a May 10 interview with investigators, one student reported her gym teacher did “weird stuff” to her and two friends. The incidents reportedly started during the students’ sixth-grade year and got worse in their eighth-grade year.

Miles allegedly tried to talk to the student, make jokes, and socialize with her during her track season in seventh grade. The student also reported Miles was overly affectionate, told her to take breaks, and asked other coaches to take it easy on her.

The student told law enforcement that she became afraid of Miles and would try to “run away from him” when she saw him at lunchtime. In one instance, Miles allegedly sat beside the student, scooted next to her despite her moving away, touched her thigh, and slid his hand to her upper thigh.

The student said Miles repeatedly tickled her during her eighth-grade year, including instances in which he additionally touched her armpits near her breasts, put his foot on her, and shoved her against a wall.

Miles also allegedly pinned the student against a wall and touched her breast. The student said two teachers, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Brumfield, allegedly saw this incident.

She also reported that Miles would stare at her and her friend in gym class and treat them better than their peers. At one point, Miles allegedly peered into the girls’ bathroom when the student and other girls were in there.

Other reports from the student include Miles allegedly buying the girl and her friends Christmas gifts and whispering that he loved her in her ear. She said she would just smile, not knowing how to respond.

The student said she told Miles to stop at one point and that he also would allegedly stand in front of her when she tried to step away from him.

Miles allegedly sent the student and her friend messages on the educational app Schoology.

The student said she was worried Miles would find out if she “told on him.” She also said she was afraid no one would believe her if she spoke up about her teacher’s actions, but that she was glad she got the courage to say something.

Another student reported that Miles started acting inappropriately towards her in sixth grade and that his behavior got worse over time up until eighth grade. The student stated she tried to stay away from Miles because he made her uncomfortable.

The student reported that one time when she and her friends went to the bathroom, Miles came after them yelling their names. Miles allegedly then “poked his head” in the bathroom while the girls were washing their hands. The young ladies remained in the bathroom for quite sometime before Miles allegedly tried to scare them when they exited.

When the student and her friend tried to ignore Miles, he reportedly said things like “Why are you ignoring me?” and “You’re hurting my feelings.” He also allegedly offered the girls gift cards.

The student recalled several incidents where the teacher allegedly grabbed, tickled, and chased her and other students, including the girls mentioned in the other student’s report.

More misconduct reports were provided from another student and one student’s father.

Ryan Saxe, Cabell County Schools Superintendent, issued a letter on March 17 that advised Miles was placed on administrative leave due to an investigation into misconduct. The administrative leave started on Jan. 13, and that is still his current status.

Miles faces charges of sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust to a child and third-degree sexual abuse.