Bobby Greene’s family own the White-Way Dry Cleaners here in Huntington. And when a lot of police converge on an area— Greene says it’s never a good sign.  “Huntington can be a great place and in some ways it is. There is so much right with Huntington that when something like this happens it just tarnishes it,” Greene.

Police showed in the 16th hundred block of 10th street avenue, after getting a tip in connection this week’s homicide. Greene was one of the first spectators, “we took a look around and there is a SWAT team, and there is guns drawn, and it was a scary situation.”

While no arrest were made– police did release the victims name. He is 40-year-old Julius Paul Perkins from Detroit. You may recall, his body was found Wednesday in an alley in the 26 thousandth block of Guyan avenue. 

Captain Hank Dial with the Huntington Police department explains the a little of the reasoning for todays visit on 10th street. “we got information we needed to move on so we came over and searched the house,” Dial 

Aaliyah Brown, 13 News Working for You.