UPDATE (6:50 p.m. on May 16, 2022): Deputy Chief Phil Watkins said the Huntington Police Department (HPD) arrested Jonathon Owens on Monday after law enforcement received an anonymous call.

Owens and another suspect were allegedly involved in an armed robbery at a Marathon gas station in South Point, Ohio, and another store in Huntington, West Virginia.

Photo Courtesy: Huntington Police Department

Owens was arrested at the 2100 block of West Fifth Avenue, according to Deputy Chief Watkins.

Owens allegedly tried to run on foot, but officers were able to quickly arrest him. Deputy Chief Watkins said Owens faces two charges from HPD — Misdemeanor Obstruction and First-Degree Robbery.

SOUTH POINT, OHIO (WOWK) — The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a suspect allegedly involved in an armed robbery in South Point, Ohio, on Saturday. Sheriff Jeff Lawless said Jonathon Michael Owens is on the run and is considered dangerous.

Owens and another suspect, Tyler Jeffery Allen Workman, 25, of Huntington, were allegedly involved in an armed robbery at a Marathon gas station in South Point, Ohio. The two suspects also allegedly robbed a store in Huntington, West Virginia, on Friday.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspects entered a South Point Marathon store on Saturday, immediately went behind the counter, threatened employees with a gun, and stole cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Deputies arrived at the store within two minutes of the dispatch call. They witnessed Owens and Workman allegedly fleeing and dropping stolen items.

Law enforcement followed the suspects into a wooded area and apprehended Workman but lost sight of Owens, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Lawless said when detectives interviewed Workman, he admitted he and Owens also committed a robbery that occurred in Huntington on May 13.

A search for Owens was done by the Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, South Point Police Department and Ironton PD, along with a K-9 Officer.

Sheriff Lawless said Owens’s location is still unknown to law enforcement at this time. If anyone sees Owens or has information, they should contact local law enforcement or 911.

Workman is in Lawrence County Jail for robbery and will be arraigned on Monday in Lawrence County Municipal Court.