LEON, WV (WOWK) — A Mason County woman has been indicted for kidnapping, concealment of a human body and accessory to murder.

According to the criminal complaint, Rachel Lee Thomas, her boyfriend Anthony Yester and two others were at a location on Ripley Road in Leon, West Virginia, when an alleged murder occurred.

A complaint says the murder victim, Paul Matheny, knocked on the door of the residence, and Thomas answered. Matheny and Thomas allegedly started arguing, and Thomas told Matheny to leave. Thomas then allegedly pulled a gun from her waistband and again told Matheny to leave.

Yester then allegedly came to the door, grabbed a pistol, pointed it toward the doorway, and fired two rounds in the residence. Matheny ran from the porch and Thomas, Yester and the other man at the home allegedly followed him.

A woman also at the home ran into the kitchen for safety while she heard two more rounds fired outside.

A few minutes later, the complaint says Thomas and Yester went back into the home and were arguing. According to the woman’s statement to investigators, Thomas told Yester “I can’t believe you killed him. Why didn’t you just beat him up? I guess I will have to take the blame for it.” The two then allegedly began putting on rubber gloves and cleaning their firearms with bleach.

The friend tried to leave, but Thomas allegedly told her she “wasn’t going anywhere because one could easily become two.” The woman told Thomas she could call 911 with her phone, and Thomas allegedly took the phone and asked for the passcode. She stated she did what was asked of her because she was afraid she would be killed.

Thomas made the woman clean up glass from the crime scene. While cleaning up, the complaint says she saw a man lying on the ground nearby while the other man at the home stood over the body.

After the woman cleaned the glass, Thomas allegedly told her to go sit on the couch. She said that for several hours Thomas and Yester were arguing while handling rubber gloves, trash bags and bleach. Eventually, Yester left the residence and did not return until 4 a.m., according to statements.

Shortly after Yester returned, Thomas allegedly took the woman home and returned her phone to her. She realized everything had been reset on her phone, and she was unable to use it.