LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Two were arrested in Logan County on Tuesday after a reported incident in which a woman threatened to shoot someone, and a man fled from police by hiding in a dumpster.

According to the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy C.L. Carter responded to Apartment 202 at Switzer Apartments for a fight involving a firearm.

The officer spoke with the victim, who reported that Dmekka Reacheal Meade made threats to shoot the woman while the two verbally and later physically argued.

During the argument, Meade allegedly entered Apartment 202, returned with a handgun, and continued threatening the victim. When things turned physical, the victim said she took the gun from Meade’s hands and threw it onto the embankment.

In a video provided by a witness, Meade allegedly is carrying a firearm and hitting the victim with it.

The victim told Deputy Carter that Meade retrieved the firearm and hid it under a couch in Apartment 202. Deputy Carter received consent to search the apartment and allegedly found a black, 9mm handgun under the couch.

Also during the incident, Deputy Carter observed a man, Roy Austin Walker, allegedly entering the apartment in an attempt to avoid law enforcement.

The deputy allegedly tried to apprehend Walker but was unsuccessful. A neighbor advised they saw Walker exit the back of the apartment and escape to the mountains.

Deputy Carter searched for Walker in the mountains and allegedly found him sitting in a dumpster in the parking lot of Hatfield Markets in Switzer. Walker exited the dumpster and was placed in handcuffs, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Both Meade and Walker were arrested, taken to the Sheriff’s Department for processing, and housed in the Southwestern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

Meade was arrested on counts of Assault, Battery, Brandishing a Weapon, Wanton Endangerment and Assault with Firearm During Commission of Felony. Walker was arrested for Fleeing on Foot.

Disclaimer: All subjects in the case are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.