RICHMOND, Ind. — A Richmond police officer is fighting for her life after being shot during a traffic stop, authorities said.

Photo of Seara Burton from Richmond police

According to the Indiana State Police, the shooting occurred near 12th Street and C Street in Richmond. Police confirmed the female officer who was shot was flown to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, and was seriously injured.

“She is in very critical condition fighting for her life,” said Richmond Police Chief Mike Britt. “Those of you who pray I ask you to pray for her, because she can use it.”

Police confirmed the identity of the officer as Seara Burton. She is a four-year veteran and was recently elevated to the K-9 unit. Burton was also engaged and supposed to be married next weekend, Britt said.

According to the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police, Burton is undergoing surgery.

Police said Burton had been conducting a traffic stop near 12th and C streets when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired. Assisting officers returned fire and the suspect fled on foot but was apprehended.

Police said the suspect was shot, but no condition was given. The Indiana Fraternal Order of Police said: “the suspect is believed deceased.”

FOX59 spoke to witnesses at the scene who said the officer was shot in the head. Police did not confirm this information.

Chief Britt did say the entire department suited up to come to the scene and offer help in response to the incident. Britt said the department was devastated, calling Burton a “fine officer.”

Joyce Deloney told FOX59 she witnessed part of the shooting, at first thinking she was hearing fireworks before she walked across a parking lot and saw gunfire striking a building causing Deloney to turn and run.

“I think everyone is in shock, maybe a little bit of disbelief that this was happening here,” Deloney said, adding that the neighborhood has lots of families and children.

“It’s tragic that this happened… I think this could have been prevented.”

“Tonight our deepest thoughts and deepest prayers are with Officer Burton and her family,” said Richmond Mayor Dave Snow.