UPDATE: Woman accused of abuse of elderly mother appears in court


Peggy Quesenberry, a woman accused of the abuse and neglect of her elderly mother, appeared in court Thursday.  The day the crime occurred in March, the prosecuting attorney's office referred to the details as "something out of a horror movie".

Quesenberry's mother passed away days after her daughter's arrest.

The goal of Thursday's hearing was to determine whether or not Quesberry's bond should stay the same, based on the results of a psychiatric evaluation.

Quesenberry's defense attorney asked for the bond to be modified, so that his client could return home.  He noted that she does not have a record, not so much as a traffic ticket.  He told the judge that his client cannot sign up for unemployment while she is in jail.  The defense also said a portion of the home is livable, and Quesenberry has family members who have offered to assist in cleaning the rest of it.

While the results of that evaluation were not made public, Circuit Judge Todd Kaufman did decide to keep Quesenberry's bond the same. 

If Quesenberry can arrange for remediation of the home in which she was living, she may be released from jail on a personal recognizance bond and placed on home confinement.

The home in question is along Garrison Avenue in Charleston.  Previously, home confinement officers had declared the home unlivable and "deplorable", according to Kaufman.

The crime is alleged to have occurred inside of that same home, which makes the situation unique, Kaufman added.

The state said during Thursday's hearing that they are awaiting a report from the medical examiner's office.  Charges in the case could be upgraded, based on that report.


Detectives with the Charleston Police Department have arrested a woman who they allege was involved in the abuse and neglect of her elderly mother.

According to a release, Peggy Quesenberry, 41, was arrested and charged with abuse or neglect of an incapacitated adult.

Police say the victim is Quesenberry's 75-year-old mother, who is now in stable but critical condition at a local hospital.

The incident occurred at the shared home of the suspect and victim, near the 600 block of Crestlyn Drive in Charleston.

According to the criminal complaint, on March 6, Peggy called 911, saying her mother was having "shortness of breath and loss of appetite". Upon arrival of first responders, they saw "unlivable conditions" that consisted of bugs, trash, and feces everywhere.

Peggy's mother, Judy, was lying in her bed covered in feces and urine.  Peggy, who claimed she was her mother's primary caregiver,  told first responders that her mother's condition had deteriorated since Friday, the complaint states.

First responders attempted to move Judy.  She was "bonded to the blanket on the bed and her head was stuck to her arm.  Insects came flying out of the blankets when they rolled her to her side, andt hey observed severe bedsores on her right side."

The complaint states that the mattress was indented from her lying on it.

According to medical personnel, Judy had numerous conditions that included but were not limited to severe sepsis, dehydration, multiple areas of skin breakdown, respiratory failure and pneumonia.  

The prosecutor said it was like something "out of a horror movie."

During questioning, Peggy told detectives that she had known about her mother's condition for months and did not alert medical professionals.  She stated she was her mother's only caregiver.   

She also told detectives that her mother had not seen a doctor or other medical professional for approximately eight years. 

The complaint states that CAMC General Hospital personnel informed detectives that Judy's last hospital visit was in 2003. 

Quesenberry's bond was set at $50,000, cash only. 


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