CROSS LANES, WV (WOWK) — The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) said one man was arrested after allegedly robbing someone at gunpoint and possibly kidnapping another person.

Deputies said they responded to a 911 call at the Westchester Village Apartments in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, on Sunday.

Witnesses told authorities that Joseph “Joey” Michael Eads, 38, of St. Albans, drove up in a Kia to several people sitting in a car. Eads walked up to the car, brandished a gun, and told two victims to get out, witnesses said.

Eads allegedly robbed one victim at gunpoint outside the car. He then allegedly kidnapped one victim at gunpoint by forcing him into the Kia and fleeing the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office said West Virginia State Police received a tip about Eads’ location, but they initially could not find him. However, witnesses told them the suspect was earlier seen in the reported location with the alleged kidnapping victim. Witnesses also said Eads physically assaulted the alleged kidnapping victim.

Later on Sunday morning, the Charleston Police Department told investigators they located Eads during a separate incident. Authorities said they found Eads with items he stole earlier from the robbery victim.

Eads was arrested for one felony count of First-Degree Robbery with a Firearm. Authorities said he was arraigned by a Kanawha County Magistrate and is in South Central Regional Jail on a $40,000 cash-surety bond.

Law enforcement said they found the alleged kidnapping victim uninjured, and they are investigating the incident. At this time, kidnapping charges have not been filed against Eads.

The robbery victim also was not injured by Eads, according to the Sheriff’s Office.