SISSONVILLE, WV (WOWK) –Kanawha Valley residents are being warned to keep a close eye on their surroundings and pets as there have been increasing reports of coyote sightings and incidents.

“I’m scared to death, ” said Deborah Lewis of Ohio.

Coyotes are vicious animals, no stranger to the tri-state.

“We could hear them a long long ways away,” said Lewis.

According to the Sissonville community Facebook page, in the past 24 hours, a Charleston man and his 70 pound German Shepard were attacked by coyotes on his porch. They escaped unharmed, but are still shaken.

Many commented about their recent experiences with coyotes. One woman in Ohio had a terrifying experience of just how vicious these animals can be.

“One of my horses picked the coyote up and swung them against the side of the barn. And bite them in the neck because you can tell by the blood splatter,” said Lewis.

Breeding season for coyotes is just beginning, making them more aggressive.

Deborah Lewis’ horses survived, but she is still worried this could happen again.

“I don’t understand why the county doesn’t organize something to keep them under control because this was a full-blown attack,” said Lewis.

The Department of Natural Resources says coyotes may be hunted all year round with no daily, annual, or seasonal bag limit.

The best ways to keep you and your furry friends safe are to keep lights on the outside and not leave animals unattended.